Cindy is a London based actress. Trained at East15 Acting School (BA),
after a one year full-time Foundation Course at LAMDA.
Spotlight: 0214-9088-0235.
Mandy: 460029
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020 7459 4902
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A few words about myself

Originally from Switzerland, I'm a multilingual actress with strong singing and movement skills.
I also play the Romanian panflute.
After a previous career in academia and as a translator, I trained at LAMDA
and East15 (BA Contemporary Theatre). Now I'm working in the UK and internationally
in all forms of acting on stage and screen, with a special focus on classical drama and new writing. 

Theatre credits include:
Agnes Colander (Trevor Nunn, Theatre Royal Bath; Jermyn Street Theatre),
AirswimmingPenthesilea and Horu Fröiä - Women on the Matterhorn (Playades Theatre),
Masha and the Firebird and 9 Foot 9 (Sleepless Theatre),
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Unfolds Theatre), Pericles (Cornucopia Theatre),
Woman in the Moon (Dolphin’s Back).
Screen includes Hebt Mario Ab?

I am a founding member of Playades Theatre and an Associate Artist for
Theatre Forge and Sleepless Theatre Company.

Theatre that excites me

I have a passion for Jacobean/Elizabethan theatre, including, but not limited to Shakespeare.
Although it started with Shakespeare. After years of "not getting" Sheakespeare, feeling that
watching Shakespeare's plays were more on an intellectual exercise in trying to understand the
words, I was fortunate enough to be taken to the Globe by a friend in 2005. As groundlings
we watched _The Winter's Tale_ directed by John Dove. And suddenly it all made sense.
The time passed and I forgot I was standing. I was entertained - engrossed by the characters
and the action on stage. No longer slave to trying to decipher every word - but simply
enjoying the story as it unfolded.
Since then, I've seen other great actors and directors create amazingly accessible shows
with classic texts - not by dumbing down the texts, but by putting
the telling of the story for the audience at the centre of their mission.
These are the kinds of classical productions I'd love to be involved in.

I also have a big love for contemporary theatre and new writing. Because it's new and fresh.
It hasn't been said that way before and because I'm part of that creation process.
I enjoy devising and dancing on the edge of "not knowing" - exploring, playing, discovering.

I love audiobooks and radio plays.
And films. :)

In short, my overarching passion, as an actor, is to be part of a storytelling endeavour
that puts centre stage the telling of a story for an audience.
Regardless of the origins of the "text", or of medium, or of budget.